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  1. Kenneth Maddox says:

    To whom it may concern my name is Kenneth maddox I live in OCALA have owned a17 pathfinder my brother and and had a 18 redfisher and I have a 2003redfisher that I’m restoring I would I’m a hewes guy have spent a lot of money over the yrs with MBG I recently contacted your parts department and spoke to Lisa about getting new rod holder rings for under gunnels theres 8 of them she told me I couldn’t get them directly from her she told me to call big bend marine which I did first thing these rod rings shouldn’t be more then 3 bucks each at most that on the high end well when big bend marine call me back with 9 bucks each I had them repeat that 3 times I couldn’t believe it then they wanted 25bucks shipping wt is 4oz totalfor a total of 104dollars this is the worst customer service and rip off they total this is what hewes is charging for them maybe they give the gold price 14k gold I have always loved your boats but this is a shame

    • wpress says:

      Hi Kenneth,
      We do not sell parts directly as the manufacturer especially for boats dating back 17 years. As you can imagine those parts change as our boats evolve. If you have spoken with your dealer and we do happen to still carry that part, that is just what it costs, unfortunately. I would also encourage you to get on the MHP Facebook group and ask there. I am sure there is a solution from an outside vendor.

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